OPEIU Local 6

News Flash
August 4, 2014

MEMO to Members of OPEIU Local 6 – HB4301

As you know, Governor Deval Patrick had filed a late supplemental budget on July 14, 2014 (House Bill 4301), which in part, would provide the collective bargaining agreement ratification that is necessary to finalize the contracts between OPEIU Local 6, Units J6C and J6P and the state trial court. House Bill 4301, which is needed to ratify more than 35 other union contracts with the state as well, is currently before the House Committee on Ways and Means.

OPEIU Local 6, along with other unions throughout the state, has been pushing the legislature to move the supplemental budget bill as quickly as possible. Since House Bill 4301 was filed mid-July, a variety of public sector unions have conducted outreach to leadership and individual legislators. Although every effort was made to pass the bill prior to the end of the legislature’s formal session on July 31st, the bill remains before the House Committee on Ways and Means.

Despite this fact, House leadership and the House Committee on Ways and Means have heard the message loud and clear. The legislature understands that House Bill 4301 and the ratification of many state contracts remain a priority, despite the end of formal sessions. OPEIU Local 6 and other unions are now working to pass House Bill 4301 during an informal session.

While a single objection from a representative or senator can stall House Bill 4301’s progression through the legislative process, similar legislation to this has passed during an informal session before. To that end, OPEIU Local 6 may seek your help in advocating for the swift passage of House Bill 4301 in the next couple of weeks. Please be on the lookout for calls to action as well as updates as we make progress.

OPEIU Local 6 is committed to working on your behalf to ensure that agreed upon wage increases are honored and implemented without undue delay.

Please post and circulate.