OPEIU Local 6 is pleased to report that we have reached an agreement with the Trial Court to pay down part of our members’ current accrued comp time. All OPEIU Local 6 members who have accrued more than 75 hours of comp time as of the pay period ending May 27, 2017 are eligible to be paid for 25% of that accrued comp time.

For example, if an OPEIU Local 6 member has 100 comp hours, that member will receive compensation for 25% of that 100 hours- 25 hours pay. We hope that this comp time payout will help out our eligible members who could use the extra money during the vacation season.

This is a strictly voluntary program. If you DO NOT WANT TO PARTICIPATE in the comp time pay down, please email Business Manager George Noel by July 15, 2017.

In solidarity,

George Noel

Business Manager