The following list of legislation is for informational purposes only, since this legislation affects the terms and conditions of employment for our public sector members.

SD. 1241: An Act Relative to Collective Bargaining Dues (Senator Boncore)

HD. 302: An Act Relative to Collective Bargaining Dues (Rep. Chan)

This bill represents the consensus public sector response to the Janus Supreme Court ruling, and is identical to the version that passed the state senate on July 31st, 2018

  • Protects the privacy of personal contact information for public employees
  • Ensures certain union access to public sector worksites, including the right to meet with newly hired employees
  • Clarifies the terms of union membership/payroll deduction of union dues
  • Allows unions the option of charging non-members for the costs of representation during the grievance or arbitration process.

SD. 1838: An Act Reforming the Group Insurance Commission (Senator Friedman)

HD. 3115: An Act Relative to Group Insurance Commission Composition and Transparency (Rep. Capano)

  • Seeks to make representation on the Group Insurance Commission more fair to active employees and retirees by adding two additional labor seats
  • Ensures that Commissioners are provided with advance notice and relevant information prior to votes substantially altering health care plan designs, costs, or offerings.

SD. 1299: An Act Limiting Out of Pocket Health Expenses (Senator Feeney)

HD. 1606: An Act Limiting Out of Pocket Health Expenses (Rep. Mark)

  • Caps annual out-of-pocket healthcare expenses at $2,500 for individuals and $5,000 for families enrolled in Group Insurance Commission Health Insurance Plans.

SD. 1485: An Act Relative to Group Insurance Commission Premium Contributions (Senator Friedman)

HD. 1597: An Act Establishing Fairness in Group Insurance Commission Premium Contributions (Rep. Mark)

  • Equalizes all state employees at a 20% health insurance premium contribution.

SD. 1298: An Act Relative to Group Insurance Commission Procurement (Sen. Feeney)

  • Exempts proposals and bids made or recieved by the Group Insurance Commission, as well as the commission’s communications made in connection with reviewing proposals and bids, from public procurement laws that prevent this information from being shared with Commissioners and the public

HD. 288: An Act Protecting the Right to Strike (Rep. Connolly)

  • This bill would provide public employees and public employee organizations with the right to engage in a strike.

opeiu scholarships


Applications now are being accepted for the 2019 OPEIU educational scholarships, and all members are encouraged to apply. Full details, rules and applications can be found at under the Member Resources/Union Benefits link, as well as on the OPEIU app.

Scholarship opportunities include the Howard Coughlin Memorial Scholarship for OPEIU members and dependents, and the John Kelly Labor Studies Scholarship for OPEIU members who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in labor studies, industrial relations and union leadership and administration.

Scholarships are also available for children of OPEIU members to attend the Romeo Corbeil/Giles Beauregard Memorial summer camp, held July 14-19, 2019, at the University of Missouri Campus, Columbia, Missouri.

Full details, rules and applications are available at under the Member Resources/Union Benefits link.

As well as the great opportunities through the OPEIU International, the Greater Southeastern Massachusetts Labor Council has announced a scholarship for residents of Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and the Islands, whose parents/legal guardians/aunts/uncles/grandparents are members of a Greater Southeastern Massachusetts Labor Council Affiliated Union. You can find applicable information here.

On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States, according to statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men.

OPEIU Local 6 is excited to let members know that the union and the trial court has negotiated a memorandum of understanding (MOU) allowing 15 paid days of domestic violence leave. It is our sincere hope that none of our members ever have to use this benefit, but we hope it helps you rest easier to know it is available.

For the contents of the MOU, see the PDF file linked below:

01.24.19 DVL MOA Executed



Dear OPEIU Local 6 Members,

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that the OPEIU Local 6 and Massachusetts Trial Court Health & Welfare Fund open enrollment is from October 15, 2018 through November 30, 2018.

During open enrollment, you can change your dental-plan option or make changes within your dental plan. Delta Dental provides two options. Option 1 (Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier) does not cover orthodontic work. Option 2 (Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier with orthodontic coverage) covers orthodontic work.

If your dentist does not participate in your plan-option, you will pay higher out-of-pocket costs. Therefore, make sure that your dentist is participating in your plan-option, and if not, you will need to select the correct plan or change dentists.

To see if your dentist is participating in either or both plan-options visit or call (800) 872-0500.

During open enrollment you can also make other changes to your plan as a result of marriage, divorce, or death; giving birth to, or adopting a child; or other qualifying events. If you have any questions about this, please see your payroll clerk or call the OPEIU Local 6 Trust Fund Office.

Enrollment forms are also available on the union’s website at

These enrollment forms can be used for any changes you wish to make to your plan or to change your plan-option. To make any changes, complete the enrollment form and include any corresponding documents—such as a birth or marriage certificate or a divorce decree. In addition to your signature, your employer needs to sign the form.

Return the completed form and accompanying documents to your payroll clerk who will forward them to the OPEIU Local 6 Trust Fund Office.

The deadline for submitting completed forms to your payroll clerk is November 30, 2018.

If you are not making any changes to your plan, no action is necessary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the OPEIU Local 6 Trust Fund Office at (781) 843-3820 or (800) 882-1462.

Please free to share this information with your coworkers.


Board of Trustees

OPEIU Local 6 and Massachusetts Trial Court Health & Welfare Fund

Governor Baker signed H 4930 – the legislation that contains funding for our ratified contracts with the Trial Court, Middlesex North, Middlesex South and Hampden County Registries of Deeds.

The Trial Court notified us that there has been a change from their original plan involving the implementation for our salary increases and retroactive pay which was dictated by the Massachusetts Office of Information Technology (MASSIT) and the Comptroller of the Commonwealth (CTR).

MASSIT and CTR informed the Trial Court that the plan is for salary increases and payment of retroactive pay for all agencies effected by the supplemental budget signed by Governor Baker 10/23/18 will be as follows:

  • The salary increase will be processed during the pay period covering 11/12/18 – 11/23/18 and will be in the check issued on 11/30/18.
  • The retroactive payment will be processed during the pay period covering 11/26/18 – 12/7/18 and will be in the check issued on 12/14/18. The check issued on 12/14/18 should include all retroactive pay due to you starting from the first full pay period of FY2018 (7/9/17) through to the end of the pay period before the salary increase is processed (11/10/18).

We anticipate no further changes in the plan to implement the salary increase and the retroactive pay. If there are, we will update you immediately.

The new salary chart is linked below.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact your business agent or the OPEIU Local 6 Union Office.

In solidarity,

George Noel

Business Manager

Local 6 Salary Chart

The next General Membership meeting will be held on Tuesday, 11/13/18 at 6 p.m. at our office at 150 Wood Rd, Suite 400, Braintree, MA 02184.

In accordance with Article VIII, Section 3 of the Constitution and By-Laws of OPEIU Local 6, nominations for the offices of President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Secretary-Treasurer, Trustee and Executive Board Member will be accepted from the floor of this meeting at the date, the time, and place indicated above.  The term of office will run for three years beginning January 2019.  Candidates elected as President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary and Secretary-Treasurer will also serve as delegates to the Office and Professional Employees International Union Convention which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in June 2019.

Nominations for a fifth delegate to the OPEIU convention will also be conducted at this meeting.