Dear Sisters and Brothers,

With this important election quickly approaching, I cannot stress enough the importance of your involvement in helping decide who will lead our government. These races will determine the future for not only union families, but for every American across the country.

Donald Trump is no friend of working people. Trump stiffs contractors who work for him, and Trump clothing and other products are made in China, Bangladesh and other low wage countries where workers are treated poorly. He buys Chinese steel in his buildings. Yet he claims that he will bring the very jobs that he has personally out-sourced back to America.

Trump claims to love veterans. He shows is admiration by insulting a Gold Star Family and by calling Vets who struggle with mental illness “weak”. Yet he sought and received five draft deferments for himself.

Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life striving to better the lives of children and working families. From her early days expanding children’s health care to advocating for a living wage and access to paid sick leave, Hillary Clinton will fight for working people. She will invest in our country’s crumbling bridges and highways, creating good paying jobs that will help our economy grow. She opposes “right to work” laws and bad trade deals like TPP.

Here in Massachusetts we have another major battle of Wall Street v Main Street right on our voting ballots in the form of Question 2, which our local is strongly opposed to. The out-of-state groups behind lifting the charter school cap are backed by Wall Street billionaires who want more charters schools that are run by for-profit companies. This year alone charter schools will drain more than $400 million that would otherwise stay in neighborhood public schools to help all students. Not to mention, lifting the cap on charter schools will raise our taxes because our cities and towns will have to pay more to borrow money. If some of our schools are falling short we should fix them, not keep taking more resources from them. That’s why 200 school committees are also opposing Question 2.

How you vote is a personal decision, but your union has carefully researched the issues in these races, and we hope you will join us in voting for Hillary Clinton and NO on Question 2.

In solidarity,

Mary Mahoney

George Noel
Business Manager