1. What are Union Plus and Union Privilege and how do members benefit?

Union Plus is brought to you by Union Privilege – established in 1986 by the AFL-CIO to provide consumer benefits to members of labor unions. Union Plus benefits are available only to members of participating labor unions. Union Privilege is dedicated to offering quality services that make a real difference in union members’ lives.

Benefits include:

  • educational loans, 529 college savings plans
  • assistance and discounts for homebuyers and those interested in refinancing, credit reports
  • Cingular Wireless discounts, hotel discounts program
  • Goodyear tire and automotive service discounts
  • auto buying service, pet insurance, and much more.

Information about benefits is available at http://www.unionplus.com/ or http://www.unionprivilege.org/.


2. One or more of the following has changed:

  • First and/or Last Name
  • Home Address
  • Home Telephone or Fax Numbers
  • Work Address
  • Work Telephone or Fax Numbers
  • Work Department/Location
  • Home or Work E-mail Address

Who do I contact and how?

Anyone at OPEIU Local 6 can help you with this information. For your convenience, there are various ways to contact us.

You may:

Call us at 781-848-6006 or 800-882-1462 (toll-free in MA)

Write us at:
OPEIU Local 6

150 Wood Road Suite 400

Braintree, MA 02184

Fax us at 781-843-1236

E-mail us at OPEIULocal6@opeiulocal6.org

Visit our website at www.OPEIULocal6.org and select the Contact Us option on the top right

Keeping us informed about these changes insures that you receive all OPEIU Local 6 information promptly. Thank you.