Someone To Turn To

Without a union, management can make up and apply personnel policies anyway it wants.

When you are protected by an OPEIU Local 6 contract, your rights are spelled out in writing, and management is legally required to respect them.

If you face an unfair termination, demotion, discrimination, harassment, or denial of rights or benefits under the contract, OPEIU Local 6 is at your side.

  • OPEIU Local 6 representatives are trained to help when disputes with management arise.
  • The representatives, assisted by your elected stewards, argue members’ cases in the grievance procedure—a workplace judicial system with progressive steps. If the member and the union remain unsatisfied with the results, they can take the case before a neutral arbitrator (judge), who is selected by both sides—management and union. Both are legally bound to obey the arbitrator’s decision.

With OPEIU Local 6, management no longer has the final say.


Who We Are

The Office and Professional Employees International Union is a union of office, professional, and technical employees working together to improve our jobs and the lives of our families. As a member of OPEIU, you participate in the first and largest labor union in the United States and Canada dedicated to office, professional, and technical workers; a union that best represents your interests both on and off the job.

OPEIU is a highly diverse group located throughout the United States and Canada with members in both the public and private sectors of both economies. Some examples of OPEIU Local 6’s public sector members include the Trial Court of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) clerical staff, Boston Water and Sewer Commission, Wareham Secretaries, and many towns, such as the Town of Plymouth. Representation in the private sector is also extensive. Some of our private sector groups include Fallon Ambulance, Rutland Regional Medical Center, August A. Busch and many more. OPEIU Local 6 members work in industries as varied as banking and credit unions, hospitals and healthcare organizations, manufacturing, paper companies, and many more. They are in positions ranging from secretaries, nurses, paramedics and EMTs, chair van drivers, bank tellers, administrative aides, technicians, attorneys, clinical social workers, engineers, and more.

Through OPEIU Local 6, your local union, you have the unique opportunity to:

  • Democratically determine negotiations priorities such as wages, benefits, and work rules.
  • Follow a predetermined grievance process, which will guarantee that your contract is upheld and your rights protected.
  • Run for and elect OPEIU Local 6 leaders from among your peers to negotiate your contracts and represent your concerns with management.
  • Communicate with other office, professional, and technical employees about the issues of common concern.

Your participation is crucial to the future of the organization and of your professional. Your input is necessary and always welcome.


Your Working Conditions

With OPEIU Local 6, you decide what to ask for in your contract. You elect a collective bargaining committee to negotiate on your behalf. These committee members are assisted by professional negotiators.

The members who will work under the contract then have the right to vote on the agreement. The contract is not effective until ratified by a vote of your group.

Once signed, management cannot change pay rates, benefits, or any other working condition without agreement from the collective bargaining unit; and, that is you.

OPEIU and Local 6 are leaders on items such as:

  • Job security
  • Pay rates
  • Cost-of-living allowances
  • Retirement and pension plans
  • Health plans
  • Training and promotional opportunities
  • Vacation pay
  • Sick leave
  • Tuition remission
  • Safety and health protections
  • Technological change and automation
  • Maternity, paternity, and adoption leave
  • Alternative work schedules (flextime, 4-day weeks, et cetera)