Sisters & Brothers:

Please join me in wishing our former Business Manager Dick Martin a fond farewell as he embarks on the next chapter in his life. If I was limited to one word to define Dick, it would have to be service- service to his family; service to his country; service to the public and service to our union.

Dick is a dedicated family man. Prior to coming to the Trial Court, as a U.S. Army veteran Dick honorably completed tours of duty in Germany and Vietnam. In 1976, he began his career at the Trial Court in the Office of Commissioner of Probation. He is a smart and caring colleague who was like a father to those who have been fortunate enough to work with him. He retired from the Trial Court in 2006.

Dick served our union in a variety of capacities. He served on our executive board, as a business agent, and most recently as our business manager. Dick represented OPEIU Local 6 as a member of the Greater Boston Labor Council. He is well-respected in the labor movement in Massachusetts.

I admire Dick’s profound commitment and dedication to our membership and their families. He has been our tenacious and tireless advocate. He has been our loyal friend.

Dick has been invaluable to me during this period of transition in our Local Union. He is a wealth of institutional knowledge. I will miss seeing that mischievous glint in his eye. It is comforting to me and I am certain to you that he remains a resource that is only a telephone call away. Good luck Dick! We wish you a long and enjoyable retirement.

Sisters and Brothers:

Earlier this week, the Boston Globe and other news outlets reported that an “ISIS cyber affiliate” published a “hit list” that contained the names of 264 Massachusetts public employees. We received several inquiries asking if any OPEIU Local 6 members’ names appeared on that list from concerned members. By all reports this is not a credible threat. That being said the leadership of our Local Union takes any threat to the safety of our members seriously and had discussions with Trial Court senior management on this matter.

We are happy to report that only a small number of Trial Court employees and no OPEIU Local 6 members names appeared on the so called “hit list”.

In solidarity,

George Noel

Business Manager

electionOrlando, Florida (June 6, 2016) —  Delegates to the Office and Professional Employees International Union 27th Convention today elected Richard Lanigan to serve as president for the next three years.  Also reelected to her third term was Secretary-Treasurer Mary Mahoney.

Lanigan was named president by the OPEIU Executive Board in December following the resignation of Michael Goodwin.  In February 2016, Lanigan was sworn in as a member of the AFL-CIO Executive Council. Lanigan has served as Secretary-Treasurer of OPEIU Local 153 and as an International vice president for Region II since 1994.

Mahoney is also president of OPEIU Local 6 in Boston, Massachusetts, serving in that role since 1995.

Approximately 400 OPEIU labor leaders representing 103,000 members from throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are gathering this week in Orlando, Florida, for the OPEIU’s 27th convention.  The week’s theme, “Working Together,” recognizes OPEIU’s diverse professional membership that includes administrative and clerical employees, as well as a host of other professions such as nurses, insurance agents, podiatrists, appraisers, Minor League Baseball umpire, teachers and helicopter pilots.

During the convention, OPEIU will also be electing 17 vice presidents from seven regions throughout the United States and Canada.

Scheduled speakers include AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka; NAACP Washington Bureau Director Hilary Shelton, CNN Commentator Van Jones, Florida AFL-CIO President Mike Williams, North Carolina AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Marybe McMillan, AFL-CIO Deputy Chief of Staff Thea Lee and Organizing Director Elizabeth Bunn, among others.






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We are pleased to report that due to the efforts of your OPEIU Local 6 Leadership Team and our OPEIU Local 6 members in partnership with our brothers and sisters in the Massachusetts labor movement, House leaders held the line on health insurance costs in the House FY 2017 budget proposal and soundly rejected Governor Baker’s scheme to drive up your and your families’ health care costs.

The House of Representatives released its FY17 budget proposal on April 13, 2016.  Included in the plan was a recommendation to hold steady the health insurance premium split for some state workers at 80/20.  The governor had proposed raising that split to 75/25!

House Speaker Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop) and House Ways & Means Chairman Brian Dempsey (D-Haverhill) listened to OPEIU Local 6 leaders and OPEIU Local 6 members as well as our brothers and sisters in other unions on this important issue.  Please call them and thank them for watching out for you and your family.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo:  617-722-2500

House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Brian Dempsey:  617-722-2990


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OPEIU Local 6 News Flash October 15, 2015


We are moving our office:

Where: 150 Wood Road, Suite 400 Braintree, MA 02184

When: November 2, 2015

New telephone number is 781-848-6006 New fax number is 781-843-1236

OPEIU Local 6/Trial Court of MA Health & Welfare Fund New Health & Welfare Fund office telephone number is 781-843-3820 New Health & Welfare Fund office fax number is 781-843-3817

Email address is Website is

OPEIU Local 6 News Flash

September 10, 2015


Former Senator Kennedy’s bill redefining Group 2 (Senate Bill 1387, An Act relative to defining employees in group 2) has been scheduled for a hearing before the Joint Committee on Public Service. The hearing will be Tuesday, September 15th at 1:00pm in State House Room B1 In fact, all of the bills relative to group classification will be heard on this day. Those members wishing to attend that have personal testimony of work place violence are welcome to attend. However, you will be responsible for using your own time.


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OPEIU Local 6 News Flash

September 1, 2015

General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, September 8, 2015, is our next regularly scheduled General Membership Meeting. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the OPEIU Local 6 office, 77 Parkingway, Quincy, MA.

From Metro West:
Take I-95 S / RT-128 S. At the Braintree split, take the ramp toward Braintree / Providence, R.I.
Merge onto US-1 N.
Take the Rte.-3 S exit- (Exit 7) toward Cape Cod.
Take the Washington Street exit- (Exit 19) – toward T Station / Quincy Center.
Turn slight left to take the ramp toward T Station / Quincy Center.
Merge onto Burgin Parkway/ Thomas S. Burgin Parkway. T
urn slight right onto Granite Street.
PARKING WAY is the street immediately on your right.

From the South:
Take Rte. 3 North.
Take Exit 19 toward T Station/Quincy Center.
Merge onto Burgin Parkway/ Thomas S. Burgin Parkway.
Turn slight right onto Granite Street.
PARKING WAY is the street immediately on your right.

From the North:
Take 93 South.
Merge onto MA- Rte. 3 South.
Take the Washington Street Exit (Exit 19) – toward Quincy/Adams/Train Station/Braintree.
Merge onto Burgin Parkway/ Thomas S. Burgin Parkway.
Turn slight right onto Granite Street.
PARKING WAY is the street immediately on your right.


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Maintaining Affordable Health Care For State Workers

• The Office and Professional Employees International Union, Local 6 (“OPEIU”) is an organized labor union that represents roughly 3,300 trial court workers in Massachusetts.

• OPEIU opposes a proposal in Governor Baker’s fiscal year 2016 (FY16) budget that would substantially increase health care costs for state employees. Specifically, section 18 of the Governor’s FY16 budget proposal would raise the state employee’s share of the health insurance premium paid by 25 percent through shifting the 80/20 contribution ratios to 75/25. OPEIU opposes this initiative as it would result in additional and significant cost shifting to state employees who are already struggling to meet the demands of rising health care costs.

• The cost of health insurance for state employees was already increased for FY16 through changes approved by the GIC. The GIC has increased copays, deductibles and approved higher annual premiums (with an average increase of 5.7%) for FY16. In total, these changes represent $160 million in increased costs shifted to state employees for FY16 alone.

• The Governor’s FY16 budget proposal results in an additional shift of $34 million in health care costs to state employees. If section 18 passes, it is estimated that 45,000 employees statewide, who are on the 80/20 premium split, would take on an additional 25% of premium costs through the 75/25 premium split.

• If the Governor’s proposal is adopted, trial court workers will struggle to meet greater out-of-pocket costs, higher deductibles, higher co-pays, and a greater share of what are already increased GIC premiums. The average OPEIU member makes slightly over $42,000 a year. If the Governor’s proposal is implemented, the cost increase to the employee for a GIC family health insurance plan could be as much as $1,500 in 2016. Within the OPEIU’s membership, 70% of employees are women, almost half of whom are single mothers with children. These additional premium increases simply do not provide an affordable health care option for many of our state employees.

• OPEIU strongly recommends that the House and Senate not adopt Section 18 of the Governor’s FY16 budget proposal into the House and Senate budgets. Moreover, OPEIU respectfully requests that the House and Senate oppose any measures that would operate as continued cost shifting of rising health care costs to state employees.