Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The Officers and Staff of OPEIU Local 6 wish you and your families a happy and safe Labor Day. While many view Labor Day as a holiday to celebrate the end of summer, get a year-end deal on a car or to finish back to school shopping, we know this holiday commemorates our continuing struggle as a labor movement to stand together in union to strive for better standards of living, to have a good life and to create a better workplace.

As we enjoy our holiday weekend, please remember our sisters and brothers in Texas who desperately need our help. Hurricane Harvey is probably the largest natural disaster ever faced in Texas. The resulting downpours have caused untold damage in Houston, Galveston Island, Corpus Christi, Beaumont-Port Arthur, parts of central Texas and many areas in between. Even though the rains have subsided, conditions continue to deteriorate for them.

We are heartened by the courage and tenacity shown by the Texans who are enduring this terrible tragedy and by the compassion and generosity displayed by the people of our great nation to help them in their hour of need.

Many of our OPEIU sisters and brothers in Texas need our help. If you can make a small contribution to the OPEIU Relief Fund, we know that your generosity will be appreciated by our sisters and brothers. Please be as generous as you can.

OPEIU Local 6 is pleased to report that we have reached an agreement with the Trial Court to pay down part of our members’ current accrued comp time. All OPEIU Local 6 members who have accrued more than 75 hours of comp time as of the pay period ending May 27, 2017 are eligible to be paid for 25% of that accrued comp time.

For example, if an OPEIU Local 6 member has 100 comp hours, that member will receive compensation for 25% of that 100 hours- 25 hours pay. We hope that this comp time payout will help out our eligible members who could use the extra money during the vacation season.

This is a strictly voluntary program. If you DO NOT WANT TO PARTICIPATE in the comp time pay down, please email Business Manager George Noel by July 15, 2017.

In solidarity,

George Noel

Business Manager

OPEIU is pleased to introduce the newest union benefit for all OPEIU members – the OPEIU Free College Benefit. Just as the name implies, OPEIU members and their families can now earn an associate degree completely free of charge.

Download the Free College Benefit flyer

With all the expenses working families have to deal with these days, it’s good to know that meeting the costs of rising tuition and textbooks doesn’t have to be one of them. If you have children graduating from high school and planning to attend college or you are looking for a way to advance your own career, the OPEIU Free College Benefit is here to help. Beginning this summer, every member or retired member, as well as spouses, children, grandchildren and dependents of OPEIU members, can earn a two-year degree online for free. You read that right – free college just for being an OPEIU member in good standing.

The leadership of the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 6 are proud of our members who serve as Official Court Reporters (OCR) in the criminal courtrooms in the Massachusetts Superior Court. Their responsibility in that courtroom is to assure that every motion or trial is being preserved in the most reliable way possible. They have been memorializing the spoken word in our courts since 1888.

Almost two years ago, the Court Reporters were informed that they were no longer needed by the Trial Court and were to be replaced by machines no later than June 30, 2016. Under our contract and Massachusetts labor laws, the Trial Court was obligated to bargain over the impact of these changes.

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father.

Lydia Maria Child

The Officers and Staff of OPEIU Local 6 want to wish our members who are fortunate to be fathers a happy and safe Father’s Day.

Bargaining Underway!
With our current contract set to expire at the end of June, the Local 6 Bargaining Committee has been hard at work negotiating with Trial Court management to craft a new agreement to cover our members across the state of Massachusetts.  To date the parties have met four times since April 6—with more dates scheduled through the month of June.

Two more OPEIU Local 6 members who utilized the OPEIU towing/service calls benefit, administered through Nation Safe Drivers, in the month of April 2017 saved 176.40.

Each member is entitled to up to two tows per year, valued at up to $100 each, for the member and family living in the same household.

Local 6 is happy to share with you the announcement of the OPEIU Student Debt Reduction Program.  Please find the rules and regulations for the OPEIU Student Debt Reduction Program on our website This program provides five awards of $2,500 each year to a member who has completed an associate or undergraduate degree and who can demonstrate they have at least $10,000 in student debt and their account is current.

The application deadline is June 30th.  All applications must be signed by the Local Union President, Secretary Treasurer or authorized officer before submission to the International Union.

This is a great benefit for OPEIU members.

Download the application

Download the eligibility requirements

Due to expected inclement weather, the general membership meeting is being changed to Tue 3/28, at 6:00 p.m.

The date of our Executive Board meeting is remaining the same, 3/28, but the time is changed to 5:00 p.m.

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

We are pleased to announce several scholarships that you and your families are eligible for as OPEIU Local 6 members. The 2017 OPEIU Scholarships are: the John Kelly Labor Studies Scholarship, the Howard Coughlin Memorial Scholarship, and the Romeo Corbeil/Gilles Beauregard Summer Camp. OPEIU scholarships a great benefit for our Local 6 members and their families.

The deadlines for the John Kelly Labor Studies and the Howard Coughlin Memorial Scholarships are March 31, 2017. The deadline for the Romeo Corbeil/Gilles Beauregard Summer Camp is May 15, 2017

In addition, OPEIU Local 6 members are eligible for several $1000 and $500 scholarships distributed by the Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO. To be eligible, the student must be a 2017 graduating high school senior going on to college and a child, grandchild or member who’s local union is affiliated with the Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO. Union members must live or work in the jurisdiction of the Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO. All names must be submitted to the Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO by April 28, 2017.

Please click on the documents below to find out how to apply to each scholarship.

Scholarship cover letter

Central MA Scholarship Infomation

Romeo Corbeil/Gilles Beauregard Summer Camp

John Kelly Labor Studies Scholarship

Howard Coughlin Memorial Scholarship

2017 OPEIU Local 6 Scholarship Announcement 02.07.17